6 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

 6 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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Email marketing is today one of the most important tools in digital marketing. It is a low-cost mechanism, which expands the company’s dissemination area, develops the relationship with the customer, attracting and retaining more and more people, has a wide reach and a good return potential if used well. However, if used improperly, it can damage the brand’s image.

Therefore, it is interesting to understand all the functions and possibilities of email marketing, become familiar with a good email manager and learn how to make campaigns that produce good results.

With that in mind, here are 6 tips to help you build interesting campaigns and prevent your emails from falling into the spam box.

1. Be creative in choosing your topic

With so many companies and people using this tool, thousands of emails are fired every day, and often the recipients of the emails end up not being interested in the message, read the subject and go straight to junk mail. Therefore, an interesting subject that causes curiosity and instigates the reader to open the email is a great tip to build loyalty or attract customers. Ask questions, invite the reader to some action, or run a promotion every now and then!

2. A degree of intimacy is good!

The reader likes to feel like a friend of the company. With email marketing it is possible to personalize the message with the name of each customer at the beginning. This gives the impression that the email is not simply an advertisement, but a direct conversation.

3. Create your own base

The idea of ​​buying a ready-made email base is actually a bad one. What is the use of having millions of email addresses registered in your database if a large percentage of these people are not interested in your product or service?

Much more interesting is to attract people who can become consumers, who are interested in your company’s sector. Campaigning encouraging people to sign up helps to create a much truer, more alive and more relevant base.

4. Watch the quantity!

Nobody likes to receive many emails from the same person or brand, right?

That’s why it’s good to pay attention to the frequency and amount of messages you fire to your base. Depending on your industry, one email per week or per month is enough.

5. How to avoid falling into spam

Did you know that some words used in the composition of email marketing send you directly to spam? For example: sex, relationship, … One way to know if you don’t go straight to spam is to test sending a message to some different e-mail and see if it lands in the junk mail.

6. It is very important to use an email manager

You can’t even think about making mass shots of domestic emails anymore. Bulk triggers can be blocked by your email provider. Email managers, on the other hand, facilitate and help in many things such as: organizing and creating lists, scheduling, design and style and analysis of results.

Knowing how to make good use of email marketing, knowing and exploring all the resources and possibilities of an email manager and learning to develop relevant content are essential activities for business.

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