Privacy Policy

At MarketPlace we are committed to maintaining your privacy. To ensure your privacy we abide by all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and encourage our users to do the same. MarketPlace does not sell, lease or exchange our customer’s personal data to third party companies without obtaining your consent, unless required by law or to protect your member status.

Your information and the data we collect from our other users are most commonly used to further create a secure, personalized environment and improve the experience of our users as well as provide aggregated benchmarking data to the community of MarketPlace users. We are committed to protecting all data and personal information submitted by participating companies and your individual data will never be used for any other purpose than benchmarking or as stated above. Your company’s data will never be listed in an identifiable manner and only industry/group averages (of 3 or more distinct companies) will be displayed in an aggregated form on the website and other publications by MarketPlace.

Information collected and used
Cookies are a small piece of information stored on your hard drive that help make your Internet experience faster and more convenient. In addition, cookies allow users to enter their account without having to enter their user name and password each time. We use cookies to help us understand how users interact with websites and to help improve our services. We may use third party services to run analytics through the use of cookies on our website. Please note any personal information is not gathered or collected by cookies.

Header Information
The data we collect from browser head information is to help us understand from which websites a user navigates to a website on which the Service is implemented.

Traffic Data
As part of our Service, MarketPlace collects information relating to traffic on the websites.

Users of our Service
We collect information from our users to support updates or changes to our service. This information is collected through user submitted information, such as their name, email address and if a member elects, a phone number. You may opt out of updates at any time.

Users of Website on which the Service is started
We collect certain information regarding your use of the website, such as your IP address and browser type. Your session on the website will be tracked but will remain anonymous. All information we gather will be for administration purposes, abuse prevention, and to track user trends. We may use your IP address to identify the general geographic location from which you are accessing a website on which our Service is implemented. Your information is safe and no personal information is taken.

IP Addresses
We do not link IP addresses to any personal information. IP addresses are used to track user trends, for abuse prevention, system administration purposes and general geographic locations.


Facebook Social Plugins: This website uses social plugins of the social network, which is operated by Facebook Inc. The plugins are inserted within a visible Facebook logo or with the addition of “Facebook Social Plugin” sign. The list and the appearance of the Facebook social plugins can be found here By integrating the plugin, Facebook receives information that a user has accessed our website. If the user is logged into Facebook, Facebook can assign the website visit to that user’s Facebook account. When users interact with plugins like the Like button or leave a comment, the corresponding information is sent directly from your browser and stored on Facebook.
Purpose and scope of data collection and further processing and use of data through Facebook and the relevant rights and ways to protect the privacy your privacy as relates to Facebook can be found in Facebook’s Privacy Policy
If you have a Facebook account and do not want Facebook to collect information about your activities on this website and link such information to your account data stored on Facebook, you must log off on Facebook before visiting our website. It is also possible to block Facebook social plugins with an add-on for your browser, for example, the “Facebook Blocker”.Facebook SDK: Within our app, we use the Software Development Kit (SDK) from Facebook. The Facebook SDK is issued and administered by Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. By means of this integration, we can link various Facebook services with our app. For example, users can use the Facebook SDK to share contents of our apps on their own Facebook timeline, or to send messages to other Facebook users. Further information about Facebook SDK within iOS can be found here: For Android, please refer to: Login via the SDK: In order to use Facebook services within our apps, you will need to first use Facebook Login to connect with Facebook. This requires that you have an existing Facebook account or that you create a Facebook account. If you want to use your Facebook account to log in to our services, you will be guided directly in a first step to Facebook, where Facebook will ask you to sign in or register. In no event will we learn your personal login information (username and password). In a second step, you can link your Facebook profile with each service you want to register to use. You will then receive a separate notice detailing which data is transferred to us from your Facebook profile. This generally includes your “public information” on Facebook and anything you make public or make accessible to the respective application. This generally includes your name, your profile and cover picture, your gender, your networks, your username (Facebook URL) and your user identifier (Facebook ID). In order to communicate with you without going through Facebook, we also use the e-mail address you have registered with Facebook. You can check and modify the status of your connection to Facebook and the respective access privileges of our apps at any time under your Facebook profile settings ( Here, you will also find an overview of which information in your profile is public. If you want to cancel the connection between Facebook and our apps, please log in to Facebook and make the necessary changes in your profile settings. We will then no longer be able to access information from your Facebook profile in order to serve you.
Facebook App Events: We use the Facebook SDK service called “Facebook App Events” to evaluate the reach of our advertising campaigns and use of Facebook SDK. Facebook merely provides us with an aggregated analysis of user behavior with our app. We also have no influence on the information that will be processed by Facebook App Events. In our app settings, you can opt out of using App Events for the given purposes.

7.6 Twitter: This website uses the Twitter Follow button. This button is offered by Twitter, Inc. The Follow button is a small button displayed on our website to help users easily follow our Twitter account. A Follow button consists of two parts: a link to a follow web intent page on and Twitter’s widgets JavaScript to enhance the link with Twitter’s official and easily recognizable Follow button. More information can be found in Twitter’s Privacy Policy.

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