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The Risks of High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

At the beginning of last year, the Members of Congress in the US, Edward J. Markey, stated algorithm trading or high frequency trading clearly corresponds to a high level of risk to the safety and permanence of the capital market in the US and the fact it should be truncated as soon as possible. And […]Read More

High-Frequency Trading (HFT): How does it work?

High-frequency trading (HFT), as the name suggests, refers to the quick transacting and processing of a large number of orders. It is a trading platform traders can use to place and execute orders. In HFT, traders make use of complex algorithms to analyze the financial market they are trading in and then execute the trades […]Read More

Algorithm Trading: How powerful is it?

Wall Street, along with the financial centres in London and Hong Kong, have become algorithm trading hubs where thousands of traders employ sophisticated algorithm programs to gauge the market trends and rely on the analytical superiority of these high powered super computer programs. Algorithm trading is carried out by mathematical robots and big data crawlers […]Read More