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Today’s AI solutions can help your company increase revenue

Today’s AI solutions can help your company increase revenue. While artificial intelligence hasn’t yet achieved the human-like capabilities predicted in the mid-twentieth century, it has become powerful in a variety of disciplines as a result of gradual improvement. Businesses, in particular, may now take use of enormous potential to do more with artificial intelligence and […]Read More

Satoshi Nakamoto and the Inception of Bitcoins Part 1

Innovation and inventions has been a driver for advancement in technology from the early days. The world remembers the people who make a breakthrough in any field that could prove to be helpful for the whole society. History is filled with inventors who have dedicated their entire life to a goal that they are able […]Read More

Find a Bitcoin ATM near You

Technology has brought about a big change in many different fields and business is no exception to that. It started when paper money was replaced by credit and debit cards. Now, we have more than a dozen varieties of digital currencies at our disposal. Although they may have to overcome many issues before they can […]Read More

How Artificial Intelligence affects financial market

  The dawn of the 21st century has brought many novelties with it, Robo Advisor among them. Today, financial markets are not just monitored by humans. They are also flooded with artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the new theme for covering desired financial aspects of the market. A human mind has shortcomings as […]Read More

The Future of Trading: Part 2

The transformation which has been brought on by a surge of technological innovation has not affected trading trends and the capital markets need to be approached with holistic strategies which would have a long-term effect on the future productivity and flexibility in the financial industry. There have only been two dominating elements which have significantly […]Read More

Top Bitcoin Exchanges

If you are interesting in trading Bitcoins, and understand its merits, strategies, methodology and the risks associated with it, you should probably start considering where you should start your Bitcoin trading from. And you not only can trade Bitcoin via various Bitcoin exchanges but you can also engage in a successful trade, investing in ‘alt […]Read More