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6 Central Banks That Rule Forex

The role of central banks in deciding exchange rate levels cannot be overestimated. If you want to trade currencies you need to understand what a central bank is, and how it controls exchange rates. The actions of these institutions drives the day to-day fluctuations in the forex markets, but who are they, and how do […]Read More

Who Really Moves Wall Street? The Top 10 Trading Firms

Just a few days ago, Goldman Sachs revealed that its trading revenues were at lows not seen since 2005. The company, which is the most reliant of all the big banks on trading revenue is suffering as a result, but it’s not the only one having trouble. Trading revenues are falling all over Wall Street. […]Read More

The 17 Best Apps for Finance

It is true that many investors try not to think about the everyday proceedings and news about what is going on in the markets. However, there are still some who cannot resist the temptation of being in the loop about just about everything and because of these types of efficient traders, there are loads of […]Read More

How Reinvesting Dividend Makes Investors Become Richer

  Have you ever wondered why some investor seems to get seriously rich, while other investors never seem to accumulate as much? Either a newbie investor or not, if you ever come up with this type of question….Cheer Up! I’ve been in your shoes before until I discovered the golden nuggets. This post is definitely […]Read More