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European shares hit 2-month lows on inflation worries

European shares slumped to their lowest in two months on Friday, as warnings from corporations and manufacturing facility say recordsdata highlighted the economic headwinds from present-chain constraints and elevated costs. The Europe-wide index fell 0.4% in a extinct originate to October, which has historically been a tricky month for equities, with know-how, miners and banks […]Read More

Apple Invests USD1 Billion in China-Based Ridesharing Company

Apple Invests USD 1 Billion in China-Based Ridesharing Company. In a day where the legendary Warren Buffet invested in Apple there are two things we know now about Apple: First, the company is serious about cars. Second, it’s ready to start looking beyond the iPhone. Apple and cars While it has remained mum on just […]Read More

The Wonderful World of Spread Betting

Do you have a feel for the stock market but no wish to deal with brokers, tax calculations and other complexities? Spread betting might be for you, but you should read a little about it first. The risky practice involves getting exposure to price action without putting money down, a dream for many quick and […]Read More

The Future of Trading: Part 2

The transformation which has been brought on by a surge of technological innovation has not affected trading trends and the capital markets need to be approached with holistic strategies which would have a long-term effect on the future productivity and flexibility in the financial industry. There have only been two dominating elements which have significantly […]Read More

Top Must-Have Apps for Traders

  It is no surprise we live in age of digital supremacy which has led us to manage certain aspects of our lives using a smartphone or a tablet. People are going mobile, there is no doubt about that and it is happening fast. And this technology is proving to be quite beneficial for everybody, […]Read More