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Explaining Volatility

Volatility is the statistical calculation of the spreading of returns based on a specific market index or a particular security. You can measure volatility using two methods. (1) You can either calculate it through the standard deviation methods or (2) you can measure the differing factors between returns that are coming back from that specific […]Read More

#TradingDebates – Trading Volatility and Performance

Trading Volatility and Performance and the Opportunities and threats for the Financial Industry! What does the future hold for trading volumes and market structure? Fintech boom – an opportunity or a threat for financial services? Is the global economy out of the woods? Will “rate rage” save the euro or sound its death knell? These […]Read More

The traders glossary

Mentioned below are some of the most common terms used in the Forex trading market: Ask Price Also known as the Offer Price, Ask Prices are market prices for traders interested in purchasing currencies. Ask Prices are displayed on the right side of a quote, for example, EUR/USD 1.1965/68. This means that you can buy […]Read More