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Tangible Assets: 5 Reasons to Invest in Gold

Are you looking for investments that you can hold rather than leaving them in a bank? Have you heard about investing in gold coins but aren’t sure how to get started? The rate of inflation in the US rose to over 6.5 percent last year. This means that the value of the dollars in your savings […]Read More

EUR/USD Little Changed as Goldman Sachs Lowers Forecast

The euro posted modest gains against the US dollar on Wednesday, although upside was limited after international investment bank Goldman Sachs lowered the common currency’s near-term forecast. The EUR/USD advanced 0.15 percent to 1.1360, stopping well short of the 1.14 level. The pair faces near-term support at 1.1301 and resistance at 1.1372. The EUR/USD has […]Read More

Guide to Trading and Gamification Part 2

Continuing from where we left with the first part, the second part will focus on different examples of online trading and gamification integration and some investor based games to give you a better idea. We have already discussed the advantages of using gamification techniques in online trading and also briefly discussed the point of view […]Read More

The Best Price Action Trading Strategies

Business trading is not simple anymore. You must have in-depth knowledge of hundreds of factors that could play a vital role in bringing about a change. Businesses invest time and effort to make a strategy that could help them in achieving their goals. They pay hefty amounts to business experts to help them do that […]Read More

What Is Money Flow Index (MFI)?

When you are performing a technical analysis, you need to focus on various indicators and what they say. Closely analyze the indicators and the bigger picture will be in front of you. Same is the case with the asset trading business. There are many indicators you must consider when trading securities and one of those […]Read More