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Blackout of social networks revealed that part of society is

The blackout of social networks (Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook) on Monday (4) revealed chaos far beyond a technological issue. We live in a society increasingly dependent on digital content and this can pose serious risks to your physical and mental health. People had to spend hours without access to their favorite digital content and many […]Read More

Top 7 Forex Social Networks

Forex social networks are a fast emerging trend in the world of FX trading. They allow their members to see what other traders are doing, individually and en masse, in order to gain a broader knowledge of the market and the trading strategies of others, and in some cases allow you to copy the trades […]Read More

Guide to Trading and Gamification Part 2

Continuing from where we left with the first part, the second part will focus on different examples of online trading and gamification integration and some investor based games to give you a better idea. We have already discussed the advantages of using gamification techniques in online trading and also briefly discussed the point of view […]Read More

Guide to Trading and Gamification Part 1

The trend of integrating two completely different fields to find a comprehensive solution to a problem is becoming commonplace. Scientists and researchers have experimented with it and have received positive results. Now, they are taking it to the next level. It might look odd to some of us but gamification and online trading integration is […]Read More

How ‘Tradimo Play’ ApS Integrates Gamification and Trading

“Games are the new normal” Al Gore Many companies are now focusing their attention on developing useful applications by integrating two or more fields. Combining the concepts of multiple fields to solve a common problem has become quite common in this day and age. The companies who experimented with this formula have also attained success […]Read More

Could FINRA Finally Help Finance Companies Market On Social Media?

Businesses that offer financial services to its customers have long been trying to dominate the social media channel. With a gargantuan-sized audience, finance companies are trying to connect with their customers more than ever and on a more personal level. However, without the help and/or approval of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), they will […]Read More

Why Twitter And Social Media Are Part Of The Future

  There is no doubt about the fact that we have now transcended into an era of mass digitization, technology and convenience. There have been some vast improvements in technology if you compare it with the earlier years. These changes, however, have also affected the financial market and communities. There have been numerous successful advances […]Read More

The Gamification of Online Trading

The consistent rise in the popularity of online trading and investment has been matched by the excitement of the general population displayed in using instant messengers and social media platforms. It is important to realize that both online trading, the gamification of online trading and social media function hand in hand with complete synchronicity. How? […]Read More