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The Best Traders Alive

While it is true that investors trade to make money, a trade, strictly in technical terms, does not necessarily have to be an investment in anything.  Let’s consider the best traders alive. Do you know why? The answer to this question lies in the explanation of value investing given by Benjamin Graham, who is known […]Read More

Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Bitcoin trading can be very enjoyable and lucrative at the same time. So let’s consider the best bitcoin trading platforms. It offers a variety of benefits in comparison to other trading markets. Peer-to-peer markets offer traders low priced trading with the freedom to trade very securely, and on top of that, you will know that […]Read More

The Greatest Traders in History

Every day, there are thousands upon thousands of trades and transactions which are conducted between investors all across the globe. However, if you come to think of it, many of those investors will not be remembered for anything.  And in this regard, the legendary trades which have become a memorable part of financial history have […]Read More