Europe is committed to the sustainability of sheep and goats meat

 Europe is committed to the sustainability of sheep and goats meat

The Interprofessional Organisation for sheep and goats meat, Interovic, has secured seven million euros for the promotion of lamb and kid meat in the internal market. This is the third consecutive program granted by the Executive Agency for Consumers, Health and food of the European Commission (Chafea) to the Interprofessional.

It is a continuation of the multi-country program that Interovic is currently developing in Spain and Hungary and whose objective is to promote the sustainable nature of the sector.

The first campaign, carried out from 2015 to 2017, focused on modernizing the way these foods are marketed through new cuts. The second, from 2018 to 2020, promoted the sustainable nature of sheep and goat production. The latter plans to keep focusing on a related message, but this time with the addition of the hospitality industry.

Raúl Muñiz, the president of Interovic, has indicated that “having these resources provides an opportunity for the sector as it allows us to multiply by four the funds raised through the Extension of the Standard and that just renew now”, adding that thanks to the contribution of all the sector have managed to position itself as “the flesh sustainable” and will continue to convey this message to the whole of society.

“We are proud to know that Europe is betting on us again. This project is one of the selected of a total of 49 that were presented in the 2020 call, Interovic bet on promoting the sustainability of the sector and the granting of this campaign gives us the necessary support from the European Commission to be able to transfer this to the whole of society”, said Tomás Rodríguez, director of Interovic.

The campaign to the sustainability of sheep and goats meat will run from 2021 to 2023 with a budget of 6.975.000 euros. Approximately 2.7 million euros will be invested each year (two million in Spain and the rest in Hungary).

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