With a Shiba Inu, a supermarket manager becomes a millionaire

 With a Shiba Inu, a supermarket manager becomes a millionaire

sergeitokmakov / Pixabay

The cryptocurrency universe is gradually changing the world, offering financial opportunities to millions of people around the globe, and a few months ago, during Dogecoin’s boom, some people even became millionaires, including a Brazilian. Now, a former grocery manager has disclosed that his investment in Shiba Inu has made him a fortune (SHIB).

According to information from the Fortune newspaper, a 35-year-old American worker made a risky investment of $8,000 when SHIB cost just $0.00000001, guaranteeing 800 billion tokens — that is, adding up the highs of the last few months, he earned his place on the millionaires team. In May, after reaching more than US$ 0.00035, the investor took out US$ 500 thousand and remained firm with the other part of the investment.

Shiba of the million!
Currently, investor “Rob,” as he was dubbed in the post, is using the funds to spend more time at home with his children and work on cryptocurrency-related projects that have won him his long-awaited retirement — the worker made US $68K per year as a grocery manager.
Shiba Inu prices have recently risen to new highs, guaranteeing an investment more than $1 million.

In recent months, SHIB has entered into some bullish moves and continues to impress older investors — some have even become billionaires. The currency, like any other, might collapse in value, as it happened in May 2021.

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