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Open Source Software Tools to Create IoT Applications

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the rage these days. IoT apps are projected to provide intelligence and connection to billions of everyday things. It’s already well-organized across a variety of disciplines. One of the most important considerations in any bespoke software development these days is the Internet of Things. Smart homes are usually […]Read More

The 17 Best Apps for Finance

It is true that many investors try not to think about the everyday proceedings and news about what is going on in the markets. However, there are still some who cannot resist the temptation of being in the loop about just about everything and because of these types of efficient traders, there are loads of […]Read More

Top Must-Have Apps for Traders

  It is no surprise we live in age of digital supremacy which has led us to manage certain aspects of our lives using a smartphone or a tablet. People are going mobile, there is no doubt about that and it is happening fast. And this technology is proving to be quite beneficial for everybody, […]Read More