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Fortnite and Yahoo stop operating in China

  After LinkedIn declared the termination of its operations in China less than a month ago, two more major IT companies have followed suit. Epic Games acknowledged the end of the Fortnite game in China last week, nearly simultaneously with Yahoo’s announcement of its exit from the country. In both cases, the judgments were prompted […]Read More

Chinese Investors Find in Hong Kong their Crypto-Trading Gateway

Despite China’s ban on digital asset investment, a news report that crypto trading remains active across the country. Chinese investors have found access to cryptocurrency products through its neighbour Hong Kong and off-shore exchanges, according to specialized site 8btc.com. Mainland investors, those whom the ban policy affected the most, have relied on their trading enterprises […]Read More

Bitcoin falls sharply again after China talks about cracking down

After managing to recover part of the losses from Wednesday’s downfall, Bitcoin falls sharply again early Friday afternoon (21) after the State Council of China issued a note on a discussion to crack down on mining and cryptocurrency trading in the country. At 16:30 (London time), Bitcoin was down 9.8% in the accumulated 24-hour period, […]Read More

Apple Invests USD1 Billion in China-Based Ridesharing Company

Apple Invests USD 1 Billion in China-Based Ridesharing Company. In a day where the legendary Warren Buffet invested in Apple there are two things we know now about Apple: First, the company is serious about cars. Second, it’s ready to start looking beyond the iPhone. Apple and cars While it has remained mum on just […]Read More