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Ethereum Will End Up Overtaking Bitcoin, Says Art-Tech Expert

Bitcoin will lose 50 per cent of its cryptocurrency market share to Ethereum within five years, states an influential tech expert and business analyst. For his opinion Ethereum will end up overtaking Bitcoin. The comments from Ian Mcloed, from Thomas Crown Art, the world’s leading art-tech agency that he established with renowned art dealer, Stephen […]Read More

32 Trading Quotes To Understand Forex

Trading quotes to help tu understand this world. Trading requires a strong, clear mind to be able to see the opportunities and also the threats. For that, a good trader not only relies on his trading knowledge, but on his ability to foresee how a market is going to react to any given external stimulus. If […]Read More

Forex Trading Historical Position Ratios

Forex trading historical positions ratios can be a useful tool when using sentiment analysis techniques to inform forex trades. They show the percentage ratio of long (buy) positions to short (sell) positions over time, and these can be interesting to compare side-by-side, or overlaid on the same graph, with the price movements over that same […]Read More

WFT Group – Company Reviews

Today we will talk about one of the most important themes for the trader which are deposit and withdrawal funds. For the beginning, we will tell how it happens with the WFT Group broker. Every broker has his own rules and principles how to deposit money by traders on the platform. Surely, the WFT group has its […]Read More

How Do Central Banks Affect Exchange Rates

We all know that central bank decisions are some of the most influential occurrences on the forex markets, but how do the actual mechanics work? When the Bank of Japan lowers interest rates, the SNB stops buying Euros, or the ECB starts buying bonds, what’s going on? Here we’re going to have a look at […]Read More

6 Central Banks That Rule Forex

The role of central banks in deciding exchange rate levels cannot be overestimated. If you want to trade currencies you need to understand what a central bank is, and how it controls exchange rates. The actions of these institutions drives the day to-day fluctuations in the forex markets, but who are they, and how do […]Read More

Forex Trading Platform: case of cTrader

The cTrader platform, designed for Forex traders, is an insightful and precise, and user-friendly platform designed by Spotware. It offers top-level liquidity and a vigorous trading structure into the platform, with a fast and smart ECN connection. A fast ECN connection is what gives clients the edge when they compete in a cut throat Forex environment. Here are some […]Read More

Global Currency Forecast for 2015

The Global Currency Forecast 2015 by Scandinavian Capital Markets (SCM). The outlook for the EURUSD in 2014 was for the prices to move within a 1.2753-1.4225 zone with a downside break of 1.2753 favoring further price decline to 1.2319 followed by 1.2185, and 1.2050. The range for EURUSD in 2014 was 1.2096-1.3992 and the pair closed […]Read More

Trends in FX Trading 2014: Part 1

GreySpark Partners have recently posted a report pertaining to the various explorative elements of the ripe but new A2A market, which stands for (all-to-all) in direct correspondence to Forex trading in 2014. The report stresses on how, with the massive increase in trading frequency, many buyside companies have now placed themselves on the side of […]Read More

The Future of Trading – Part 1

With so many technological advancements, predicting the future of trading can’t really be that difficult. Computers can break down currency transactions to search for good stock prices just as any normal trader would. However, the only major difference between human traders and machines is that machines don’t employ the use of chat rooms, which, if […]Read More

Algorithm Trading: How powerful is it?

Wall Street, along with the financial centres in London and Hong Kong, have become algorithm trading hubs where thousands of traders employ sophisticated algorithm programs to gauge the market trends and rely on the analytical superiority of these high powered super computer programs. Algorithm trading is carried out by mathematical robots and big data crawlers […]Read More

Crowdfunding and Social Trading

Basically, social trading is referred to as ‘copy trading’ or ‘mirror trading’, it is a concept which comprises of ‘coping’ another traders’ strategies and methodologies to make successful trades, preferably of those traders who have been in the game for a long time and have amassed considerable experience. Social traders basically use a barrage of […]Read More

ForexFactory.com: Site Overview

Forexfactory.com is an immensely popular Forex trading website on which a majority of traders converge and trade. Forex Factory was established in March 2004. The website was uniquely designed and developed to provide traders top-notch information they can use and implement to make hefty profits. And according to Alexa, Forex Factory is the most viewed […]Read More

The traders glossary

Mentioned below are some of the most common terms used in the Forex trading market: Ask Price Also known as the Offer Price, Ask Prices are market prices for traders interested in purchasing currencies. Ask Prices are displayed on the right side of a quote, for example, EUR/USD 1.1965/68. This means that you can buy […]Read More