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Apple Invests USD1 Billion in China-Based Ridesharing Company

Apple Invests USD 1 Billion in China-Based Ridesharing Company. In a day where the legendary Warren Buffet invested in Apple there are two things we know now about Apple: First, the company is serious about cars. Second, it’s ready to start looking beyond the iPhone. Apple and cars While it has remained mum on just […]Read More

Betting on The Black Swan: Getting Rich The Impossible Way

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a trader and a philosopher. His books about the way people think about probability have been obscenely influential, and trading strategies based off of his ideas are becoming an indelible part of the market. His strategies center around the idea of the “black swan,” an event that’s incredibly unlikely to happen […]Read More

The Best Price Action Trading Strategies

Business trading is not simple anymore. You must have in-depth knowledge of hundreds of factors that could play a vital role in bringing about a change. Businesses invest time and effort to make a strategy that could help them in achieving their goals. They pay hefty amounts to business experts to help them do that […]Read More

Price-Action Trading Strategy

To succeed in today’s trading world, you need to be aware of what is going on the market so you can accurately predict what could happen in future. Your biggest chance of survival and making it big in the industry is to know and do things according to a plan or a strategy. This will […]Read More

Top 5 Trading Rules For 2014

Thanks to social media platforms and trading technologies, more people are now interested in becoming avid traders. However, most of them find the information provided online pertaining to how to become a good trader and how to cut your losses too confusing. New traders look for ways they can learn trading quickly, set up their […]Read More

Choosing a Trading Strategy that Fits You

Strategy is definitely one of the key to succeed in the trading business….. It doesn’t matter if you use fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Every active investor needs a strategy…. Regardless of the fact that you can make correct stock predictions, catch the right momentum trading moves and use all the stock market indicators correctly… you […]Read More