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Coinbase reveals that hackers stole cryptocurrencies from at least 6,000

According to a security statement provided to consumers impacted by the incident, hackers took funds from the accounts of at least 6,000 clients at the cryptocurrency brokerage Coinbase on Friday (1). According to Coinbase, the theft took place between March and May of this year, when unauthorized third parties took advantage of a weakness in […]Read More

GeForce RTX 40 series can cost up to twice as

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards can be launched for even steeper prices than the previous generation. The new values ​​can range from US$ 399 to US$ 2,999 . The information was released this Monday (13) by the Chinese website My Drivers. According to the page, Nvidia is adopting the price increase strategy to […]Read More

Is Bitcoin in a downtrend?

In a month marked by high volatility due to increased uncertainties regarding its mining in China, bitcoin experienced on Tuesday, 22, a drop of almost 10%, trading below $ 29,000, a level not seen since January. And this makes many investors wonder if Bitcoin in a downtrend. Even with a quick recovery during the day, […]Read More

El Salvador is the first country to adopt bitcoin as

The Congress of El Salvador approved, early this Wednesday, the 9th of the law that classifies bitcoin as a legal tender in the country. The decision makes El Salvador is the first country to adopt bitcoin as its official currency. Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announced the plan last weekend and is expected to enact the […]Read More

Top 10 Trading Tips When Bitcoin Price Is Rising

When Bitcoin price is rising, gaining over 40 per cent in value in just over three weeks our cryptocurrency expert Bob Loukas, has provided a key trading tips. As the founder of Bitcoin.Live, the educational cryptocurrency platform for traders, Bob believes that this might be the end crypto distrust, and invites traders to utilize this spike […]Read More

Ethereum Will End Up Overtaking Bitcoin, Says Art-Tech Expert

Bitcoin will lose 50 per cent of its cryptocurrency market share to Ethereum within five years, states an influential tech expert and business analyst. For his opinion Ethereum will end up overtaking Bitcoin. The comments from Ian Mcloed, from Thomas Crown Art, the world’s leading art-tech agency that he established with renowned art dealer, Stephen […]Read More

Bitcoin falls sharply again after China talks about cracking down

After managing to recover part of the losses from Wednesday’s downfall, Bitcoin falls sharply again early Friday afternoon (21) after the State Council of China issued a note on a discussion to crack down on mining and cryptocurrency trading in the country. At 16:30 (London time), Bitcoin was down 9.8% in the accumulated 24-hour period, […]Read More

Head of Sanlam UK: ‘It is not truly a currency

Mark Ward, head of trading at Sanlam UK, said: “What a Bitcoin (and its rivals) is, can be thought of just as virtual money, used to buy and sell items, as you would in a shop with a five pound note – they are simply a means of exchange – it allows barter to occur […]Read More

Bitcoin joins OANDA’s Currency Converter

Emerging as a new online currency and a most suitable option for trading, Bitcoin is an anonymous, peer-to-peer, electronic payments system, and it is important to see it in a currency converter. Created in 2009, the Bitcoin network was originally intended to offer a means of payment through a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash. The […]Read More

Why Your Bitcoin is Safer Than Your Cash

For years, bitcoin was touted to be the preferred currency of criminals. A world that was devoid of proper authority, filled with weak points where hackers could waltz in and take whatever they wanted. Said to be worthless, unsafe, and unregulated. Fast forward a bit, to around 2017 when public adoption was on the rise, […]Read More

Satoshi Nakamoto and the Inception of Bitcoins Part 1

Innovation and inventions has been a driver for advancement in technology from the early days. The world remembers the people who make a breakthrough in any field that could prove to be helpful for the whole society. History is filled with inventors who have dedicated their entire life to a goal that they are able […]Read More

Find a Bitcoin ATM near You

Technology has brought about a big change in many different fields and business is no exception to that. It started when paper money was replaced by credit and debit cards. Now, we have more than a dozen varieties of digital currencies at our disposal. Although they may have to overcome many issues before they can […]Read More

Coindesk – A Platform for Bitcoins and Crypto Currencies

Introduction to Crypto-currency From shopping to entertainment, the internet has brought about a revolution in many industries. Now, it is setting its sight on taking the payment system digital. This has given rise to Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. Crypto currency, as the name suggests, uses cryptographic techniques and methods to secure transactions. A mutually […]Read More

The Rise of Bitcoin

It was all thanks to the advent of Bitcoin people realized that there could be such a thing as computerized or digital currency. Now, the same digital currency which did indeed cause quite a frenzy when it first debuted in the world of trade just a couple of years ago is trying to evolve into […]Read More

Technical Analysis: Why Bitcoin price is falling?

According to Bitcoin technical analysis, it has been identified that the uptrend is likely going to be reversed from current market levels. An enthusiastic market breakout has drizzled which has ended up losing the vital momentum. If the resulting downwards trends is just a correction, there may be a powerful turnaround in the market in […]Read More

Bitcoin Glossary

If you’re a first time Bitcoin trader or a professional, it is important to know the meaning behind each term you must have seen on different trading platforms. Mentioned below are some important and commonly used Bitcoin terms and their meanings: 51% Attack This is a situation where a majority of the computing power needed […]Read More

Top 10 Best Bitcoin Sites

Digital currencies like Bitcoin have been gaining considerable recognition and popularity across the globe. Many people now trade and invest in crypto-currencies and actually use it to it buy goods and services which they otherwise buy with actual money, which is amazing. Bitcoins has been stirring up the world of digital currency exchange, making transactions […]Read More

The Bitcoin Price History So Far

Launched over 5 years ago, Bitcoin has now become the world’s truly decentralized digital currency and a large financial network. And since its advent, the crypto-currency has been subject to various ups and downs in the market. The digital currency’s market value has increased up to billions of dollars from virtually nothing. Millions of dollars […]Read More