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How the technology may be used for purposes other than

How the technology may be used for purposes other than cryptocurrency? Blockchain technology is ushering in a more equitable future, one in which producers and purchasers may directly exchange products and services without the use of banks or other centralized organizations. Although it is associated with bitcoin, it is being used in a variety of […]Read More

Is Bitcoin in a downtrend?

In a month marked by high volatility due to increased uncertainties regarding its mining in China, bitcoin experienced on Tuesday, 22, a drop of almost 10%, trading below $ 29,000, a level not seen since January. And this makes many investors wonder if Bitcoin in a downtrend. Even with a quick recovery during the day, […]Read More

Swiss Crypto Valley Companies Take Off: $44 Billion Market Capitalization

Zug-based investors CV VC, in collaboration with consultancy PwC Strategy& Switzerland and technology provider inacta, has compiled the first ever list of the top 50 companies in Crypto Valley. It reveals that Blockchain companies employ around 3000 people in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and have a combined market capitalization of US$ 44 billion. Included among the […]Read More

Why Your Bitcoin is Safer Than Your Cash

For years, bitcoin was touted to be the preferred currency of criminals. A world that was devoid of proper authority, filled with weak points where hackers could waltz in and take whatever they wanted. Said to be worthless, unsafe, and unregulated. Fast forward a bit, to around 2017 when public adoption was on the rise, […]Read More