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Guide to Trading and Gamification Part 1

The trend of integrating two completely different fields to find a comprehensive solution to a problem is becoming commonplace. Scientists and researchers have experimented with it and have received positive results. Now, they are taking it to the next level. It might look odd to some of us but gamification and online trading integration is […]Read More

The Best Price Action Trading Strategies

Business trading is not simple anymore. You must have in-depth knowledge of hundreds of factors that could play a vital role in bringing about a change. Businesses invest time and effort to make a strategy that could help them in achieving their goals. They pay hefty amounts to business experts to help them do that […]Read More

How to Measure Money Flow with Different Indexes

Businessmen need to take hundreds of factors into account before they can make business decisions. Missing out a significant factor from the analysis could prove to be devastating because the same factor you have neglected could make the biggest impact in changing the whole scenario. You will have to take every step by looking at […]Read More

How ‘Tradimo Play’ ApS Integrates Gamification and Trading

“Games are the new normal” Al Gore Many companies are now focusing their attention on developing useful applications by integrating two or more fields. Combining the concepts of multiple fields to solve a common problem has become quite common in this day and age. The companies who experimented with this formula have also attained success […]Read More

Price-Action Trading Strategy

To succeed in today’s trading world, you need to be aware of what is going on the market so you can accurately predict what could happen in future. Your biggest chance of survival and making it big in the industry is to know and do things according to a plan or a strategy. This will […]Read More

Could FINRA Finally Help Finance Companies Market On Social Media?

Businesses that offer financial services to its customers have long been trying to dominate the social media channel. With a gargantuan-sized audience, finance companies are trying to connect with their customers more than ever and on a more personal level. However, without the help and/or approval of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), they will […]Read More

Top Innovative Investment and Trade Platforms: Pros and Cons

When you talk about investment and trade platforms, it is important to do a comparison in terms of each vendor’s advantages and disadvantages. A good trading platform serves as a pinnacle for maintaining and balancing your trading portfolio, not to mention it also aids you in keeping your funds reinvested, offering services at reduced prices. […]Read More

The Rise of Bitcoin

It was all thanks to the advent of Bitcoin people realized that there could be such a thing as computerized or digital currency. Now, the same digital currency which did indeed cause quite a frenzy when it first debuted in the world of trade just a couple of years ago is trying to evolve into […]Read More

Trends in FX Trading 2014: Part 1

GreySpark Partners have recently posted a report pertaining to the various explorative elements of the ripe but new A2A market, which stands for (all-to-all) in direct correspondence to Forex trading in 2014. The report stresses on how, with the massive increase in trading frequency, many buyside companies have now placed themselves on the side of […]Read More

The Risks of High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

At the beginning of last year, the Members of Congress in the US, Edward J. Markey, stated algorithm trading or high frequency trading clearly corresponds to a high level of risk to the safety and permanence of the capital market in the US and the fact it should be truncated as soon as possible. And […]Read More

The Future of Trading – Part 1

With so many technological advancements, predicting the future of trading can’t really be that difficult. Computers can break down currency transactions to search for good stock prices just as any normal trader would. However, the only major difference between human traders and machines is that machines don’t employ the use of chat rooms, which, if […]Read More

The Genesis of Algorithm Trading

  “Algorithmic trading frees you from the drudgery, but do you have good ideas? There aren’t that many masterpieces out there.”  EquaMetrics’ Christopher Ivey Several traders and investors in the global money markets have been for quite some time transforming their entry, exit and financial management and investment strategies into automated computerized trading which in […]Read More

Technical Analysis: Why Bitcoin price is falling?

According to Bitcoin technical analysis, it has been identified that the uptrend is likely going to be reversed from current market levels. An enthusiastic market breakout has drizzled which has ended up losing the vital momentum. If the resulting downwards trends is just a correction, there may be a powerful turnaround in the market in […]Read More

Why Twitter And Social Media Are Part Of The Future

  There is no doubt about the fact that we have now transcended into an era of mass digitization, technology and convenience. There have been some vast improvements in technology if you compare it with the earlier years. These changes, however, have also affected the financial market and communities. There have been numerous successful advances […]Read More

High-Frequency Trading (HFT): How does it work?

High-frequency trading (HFT), as the name suggests, refers to the quick transacting and processing of a large number of orders. It is a trading platform traders can use to place and execute orders. In HFT, traders make use of complex algorithms to analyze the financial market they are trading in and then execute the trades […]Read More

Top 5 Trading Rules For 2014

Thanks to social media platforms and trading technologies, more people are now interested in becoming avid traders. However, most of them find the information provided online pertaining to how to become a good trader and how to cut your losses too confusing. New traders look for ways they can learn trading quickly, set up their […]Read More

Explaining Volatility

Volatility is the statistical calculation of the spreading of returns based on a specific market index or a particular security. You can measure volatility using two methods. (1) You can either calculate it through the standard deviation methods or (2) you can measure the differing factors between returns that are coming back from that specific […]Read More

Choosing a Trading Strategy that Fits You

Strategy is definitely one of the key to succeed in the trading business….. It doesn’t matter if you use fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Every active investor needs a strategy…. Regardless of the fact that you can make correct stock predictions, catch the right momentum trading moves and use all the stock market indicators correctly… you […]Read More