Why content will forever be king

 Why content will forever be king

With all the current shapes and forms, content is truly the rightful king of the web, today. Many will agree that the most obvious purpose of the internet is to share information. The same way television and newspapers were leaders at, once. With this in mind, the majority of brands are working hard to produce quality content (information) so they can get closer to their audience. Now, we have a variety of articles, posts, podcasts, even ads – with the goal to attract viewers, readers, customers, you name it.

While some might say that the internet, in general, is filled with content of all types, there is no sign its reign as king will be over anytime. If ever at all. With the absolute chief authority over the web and interaction, the content will forever be king. The only difference is that we might witness the transformations as it’s transitioning from the written to more visual forms – when it’s suitable, and required.

Some of the reasons why content will forever be king

Without content, there is really not much left to attract, engage, and inspire different audiences. You may argue that there are websites that provide specific functionality or problem-solving solutions. But, they too, in essence, provide content, just of a very specific type. It’s a means and tool to make a website, brand, business, or person stand above the sea of others. All of this, in essence, is making content a core component of a plethora of modern digital marketing strategies. Where the primary goal is to mass and improve the communication with visitors, readers, and potential customers.

To better understand the situation, here are some of the major reasons why content will forever be king:

  1. Content is the foundation of search engine optimization
  2. Content is a subtle way to sell products and services
  3. The connection between the content and links
  4. The right way to become the authority
  5. Social media rely on the content
  1. Content is the foundation of search engine optimization

When you look at search engines’ results, the top results are always taken by websites with high-quality content. Of course, optimization plays a great deal here. Especially backlinks, which are essential for improving online rankings. But, as experts from linkdepartment.com say, without content, there would be nothing to optimize in long term.

And that’s just one side of the coin. The other one tells us that without quality content websites would have nothing to attract their visitors and readers with. No matter the form of the content (blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc.) it’s there to attract and engage the “consumers”. The best part is that once search engines recognize the content as something people like, it will eventually lead to better rankings. A sort of a magical circle – hard to create, but very much worth all the effort.

Online marketing optimization branches with the content as one of them.
There would be no website optimization without the content.
  1. Content is a subtle way to sell products and services

For business websites, content is there as a key element that will improve the selling of products and services. It’s a sort of an advertisement, made to present the information in a subtle and useful way. While, in the meantime, people find out more about your offers. If done the right way, it will attract and engage potential customers without being overly pushy and annoying. They will click on your links, look for more information, and generally engage with a website in the desired way. As a result, some of them will become customers. If done the wrong way, it will just resonate without an answer. In other words, it will not do much to improve either sales or much-needed online visibility.

  1. The connection between the content and links

There is a close connection between the content and links. They don’t exist without each other. At least, not in an effective way. One way it works is to use links to cross-connect different pages within your website. It’s helping with hierarchy, structure, and better serving of information to visitors. On the other side, high-quality content can easily attract natural links from other websites. Or, can be created in a form of guest posts, that will link back to your main content.

However, content is more than just a placeholder for your links. Without content, external links will lead visitors to pages without not much value. For this and other reasons, it’s necessary to ensure the highest standards of quality to grow your audience and drive conversions. That’s why there is an entire branch known as content marketing. Its main goal is to focus on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content that will engage the visitors.

Pieces of a puzzle on a table.
Links are connecting the content of a website, transforming its pages into a meaningful whole.
  1. The right way to become the authority

One of the major effects that boost the importance of content is authority. When you consistently provide informative material for your audience to read, they are placing more trust in you. Over time, as trust grows, they will begin to view yours as an authority in the field. And, every time your audience needs information, advice, service, or product, they will turn to those they trust. Not only this can be a good way to retain your customers, but it can easily help you attract new ones. Even better, others from the same industry may turn to you for collaboration, guest posting, interviews, and more. Finally, becoming an authority in your industry will certainly help you separate yourself from competitors.

  1. Social media rely on the content

Everyone is noticing the exponential rise of social media platforms and their impact and importance. What once started as something for entertainment is now among the major means of communication and promotion. And, all of those social media networks are, in one way or another, affecting our everyday lives seriously. People gather to talk about various topics, exchange ideas, or criticize or praise companies, services, or products. Companies are using them to promote themselves, get in touch with customers, and attract new ones. But, none of these channels would be successful if the content wasn’t in the center of attention.

Not only do social media platforms rely on content, but they are also the “content self-generating mechanisms”. For example, when we look at all the comments, they are the content as well. This means, a smart and successful company will create not only quality content but will also cause and initiate the content creation in others.

Using a smartphone and social media to connect with others and read the information on the street.
Many can’t imagine the days without social media as a source of information.


The fact that content is not the lure, but the foundation is among the main reasons why content will forever be king. Large companies may spend thousands on marketing and advertising campaigns, but the content is always there at the core. And with a core such as this, everyone can create something of value. As a result, it’s opening equal opportunities for everyone, allowing even smaller fishes in the sea to compete with others.

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