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Pros and Cons of High Frequency Trading

Norway’s $860 billion sovereign wealth fund — the world’s largest — has decided to abandon algorithm-based High Frequency Trading (HFT). The electronic “trail” left by such trading allows traders elsewhere to profit on the HFT orders placed by the fund. But the decision comes at a very tumultuous time for HFT trading: Although the majority […]Read More

Why Self-Directed IRAs May Be Your Key to a Comfortable

With the average person working well over 40 to 50 years in their life, they set aside a small amount of funds for their retirement. To ensure a better retirement, many individuals place their savings into retirement funds, allowing them to gain profit on the savings they make and thus enjoy a better retirement. A […]Read More

Could FINRA Finally Help Finance Companies Market On Social Media?

Businesses that offer financial services to its customers have long been trying to dominate the social media channel. With a gargantuan-sized audience, finance companies are trying to connect with their customers more than ever and on a more personal level. However, without the help and/or approval of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), they will […]Read More

How Wealthfront became the Fastest-Growing $1 Billion Investment Service

Wealthfront is an automated investment company founded by Andy Rachleff and Dan Caroll in 2011. And in two and a half years, the firm has managed to accumulate over $1 billion in assets under their direct supervision. Wealthfront is working with some big players in the industry, like Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Index Ventures and […]Read More

Trends in FX Trading 2014: Part 1

GreySpark Partners have recently posted a report pertaining to the various explorative elements of the ripe but new A2A market, which stands for (all-to-all) in direct correspondence to Forex trading in 2014. The report stresses on how, with the massive increase in trading frequency, many buyside companies have now placed themselves on the side of […]Read More

The Risks of High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

At the beginning of last year, the Members of Congress in the US, Edward J. Markey, stated algorithm trading or high frequency trading clearly corresponds to a high level of risk to the safety and permanence of the capital market in the US and the fact it should be truncated as soon as possible. And […]Read More

The Future of Trading – Part 1

With so many technological advancements, predicting the future of trading can’t really be that difficult. Computers can break down currency transactions to search for good stock prices just as any normal trader would. However, the only major difference between human traders and machines is that machines don’t employ the use of chat rooms, which, if […]Read More

The Genesis of Algorithm Trading

  “Algorithmic trading frees you from the drudgery, but do you have good ideas? There aren’t that many masterpieces out there.”  EquaMetrics’ Christopher Ivey Several traders and investors in the global money markets have been for quite some time transforming their entry, exit and financial management and investment strategies into automated computerized trading which in […]Read More

Technical Analysis: Why Bitcoin price is falling?

According to Bitcoin technical analysis, it has been identified that the uptrend is likely going to be reversed from current market levels. An enthusiastic market breakout has drizzled which has ended up losing the vital momentum. If the resulting downwards trends is just a correction, there may be a powerful turnaround in the market in […]Read More

Algorithm Trading: How powerful is it?

Wall Street, along with the financial centres in London and Hong Kong, have become algorithm trading hubs where thousands of traders employ sophisticated algorithm programs to gauge the market trends and rely on the analytical superiority of these high powered super computer programs. Algorithm trading is carried out by mathematical robots and big data crawlers […]Read More

Top 5 Trading Rules For 2014

Thanks to social media platforms and trading technologies, more people are now interested in becoming avid traders. However, most of them find the information provided online pertaining to how to become a good trader and how to cut your losses too confusing. New traders look for ways they can learn trading quickly, set up their […]Read More

Choosing a Trading Strategy that Fits You

Strategy is definitely one of the key to succeed in the trading business….. It doesn’t matter if you use fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Every active investor needs a strategy…. Regardless of the fact that you can make correct stock predictions, catch the right momentum trading moves and use all the stock market indicators correctly… you […]Read More

The 17 Best Apps for Finance

It is true that many investors try not to think about the everyday proceedings and news about what is going on in the markets. However, there are still some who cannot resist the temptation of being in the loop about just about everything and because of these types of efficient traders, there are loads of […]Read More

Controversial Investing Theories

When you talk about investment strategies and the theories on which those strategies are based, then you will run of breath but won’t run out of the sheer number of investing theories there are. There is a plethora of investing theories traders use in order to find what makes the market go and what each […]Read More

The Bitcoin Price History So Far

Launched over 5 years ago, Bitcoin has now become the world’s truly decentralized digital currency and a large financial network. And since its advent, the crypto-currency has been subject to various ups and downs in the market. The digital currency’s market value has increased up to billions of dollars from virtually nothing. Millions of dollars […]Read More

Crowdfunding and Social Trading

Basically, social trading is referred to as ‘copy trading’ or ‘mirror trading’, it is a concept which comprises of ‘coping’ another traders’ strategies and methodologies to make successful trades, preferably of those traders who have been in the game for a long time and have amassed considerable experience. Social traders basically use a barrage of […]Read More

How Reinvesting Dividend Makes Investors Become Richer

  Have you ever wondered why some investor seems to get seriously rich, while other investors never seem to accumulate as much? Either a newbie investor or not, if you ever come up with this type of question….Cheer Up! I’ve been in your shoes before until I discovered the golden nuggets. This post is definitely […]Read More

Trader Personality Andy Krieger

All Forex traders aspire to become super traders. Let’s consider the trader personality Andy Krieger. Most have a hunger for that one big deal which has the potential to immortalize their name in the currency trading market and the industry. However, contemplating about becoming a legendary trader is easier than accomplishing the goals which can […]Read More