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Top Digital Trading Resources

If you want to become an aspiring Forex trader, it is increasingly important that you start learning and using the various digital trading tools which have been designed and created to aid you in trading efficiently and more precisely. Let’s consider hte top digital trading resources. These tools help you to minimize a plethora of […]Read More

Bitcoin: Legal, Regulation, Exchanges

Due to the rise in popularity of the Bitcoin, it has attracted the attention and interest of various law enforcement, tax and legal authorities. Each agency and authoritative body is in search for answers to solving the biggest mystery of all, and that is how Bitcoin fits inside current economic and financial frameworks. Bitcoin has […]Read More

Mobile Trading Technology Redefining the FX Trading Landscape

Traders are normal people too, you know and they use mobile trading technology. And like normal people they too can’t sit in front of their laptops and computers, staring at the screen non-stop. They have to do other things too which requires leaving their terminals and sometimes their office. However, nothing is more unpredictable and […]Read More

Top 10 Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Equity crowdfunding, also known as crowd investing, is a growing and constantly evolving substitute for companies that would like to sell equity in small quantities to a larger number of investors via online platforms. It was ten years ago when equity funding was introduced in the US and is still a rather fresh crowdfunding alternative. […]Read More

How to Hedge Against Risk When Investing in Bitcoins

Understanding the Association of Risk When Investing in Bitcoin Bitcoin has become an exciting new cryptocurrency. Well, it’s not new anymore, but it does provide users lower international trading costs. Are there risks when investing in bitcoin? Yes. Bitcoin is also a cross-border cryptocurrency unit which many traders believe could have exponential advantages for the […]Read More

ForexFactory.com: Site Overview

Forexfactory.com is an immensely popular Forex trading website on which a majority of traders converge and trade. Forex Factory was established in March 2004. The website was uniquely designed and developed to provide traders top-notch information they can use and implement to make hefty profits. And according to Alexa, Forex Factory is the most viewed […]Read More

Crowdfunding and Trading

According to famous economist Paul Volcker, if the modern society has benefitted from any financial innovation, it is the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). He went on saying the ATM has brought the public a lot of advantages and improvements. However, most experts don’t agree with what Volcker has to say. According to an essay posted […]Read More

Trader Personality: Jesse Livermore

Jesse Livermore, who is thought to be the grandfather of stock trading, was born in 1877 and died in 1940. Although Jesse traded more than 100 years ago, the principles he used for trading at the time are still practiced firmly by many of the legend’s followers today. He was an ordinary American citizen who […]Read More

The DNA of Successful Trading

The world of trading is often filled with enigmatic elements due to the fact there is no one formula to trade and be successful. Think of the trading market as an ocean and imagine that all the traders in it are surfers. Now, what does a good surfer require? He requires balance, discipline, patience, a […]Read More

Trader Personality: Paul Tudor Jones

Born on the 28th of September, 1954, in Memphis, Tennessee, Paul Tudor Jones II is the founder and owner of the Tudor Investment Corporation. The management of his other private investment partnerships is done through his own corporation, which you can refer to as hedge funds. Tudor Jones had an estimated net value of $3.2 […]Read More

Trader Personality: Jim Rogers

Which trader doesn’t dream of making millions and conveniently retire at the age of 30? Surely, it is every investor’s sole purpose and their dream. But for market guru and legend Jim Rogers, a commodities trader, it was just the dawn of an illustrious career on Wall Street that has lasted for over 60 years […]Read More

The Power of Social Media: Influencing Trading and the Markets

It is no surprise that social media is expanding exponentially and it’s influencing trading. Just look at how Facebook has turned out since it was created in 2004. It now has over 1.3 billion users worldwide. Twitter generates over 500 million tweets every day and LinkedIn has over 260 million active users, trying to make […]Read More

The Gamification of Online Trading

The consistent rise in the popularity of online trading and investment has been matched by the excitement of the general population displayed in using instant messengers and social media platforms. It is important to realize that both online trading, the gamification of online trading and social media function hand in hand with complete synchronicity. How? […]Read More

The Framework for Predicting Failure in Trading

You might have read or heard someone envisage or forecast that a particular retail organization or a chain of stores is going shut down due to being on the verge of bankruptcy. Can you remember how many times it did not happen the way you heard about it? Well, it might have happened a few […]Read More